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  Wireless Digital Rain Gauge with Anemometer $99.95
  Now there is a rain gauge that any weather buff would be proud to own. It keeps track of important weather parameters like wind speed and rainfall and will give you a readout of rainfall history for the last 24 hours. And wether you live in a place like Tully (reputedly the wettest place in Australia) or Alice Springs, rainfall will be very important to you. It also has a calendar and a clock with alarm function. In addition, it measures indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, and the display unit can be backlit if needed. Spare temperature transmitter for wireless weather stations XC-0337 (sold separately) XC0338
  Wireless Weather Station with Wind Direction and Rain Gauge
  Everyone likes to talk about the weather and now you can do it with real authority. This weather station has an unbeatable range of features and is the best value we have ever seen un an all-in-one home weather station. The system monitors inside and outside temperature, air pressure, rainfall, humidity wind speed, wind direction and wind chill factor. The wind & ran sensors connect to the outside temperature sensor which transmits the data to the inside display station. The maximum and minimum readings are stored and can be recalled at the press of a button. You can set alarms to warn you when a specific temperature is reached and the station will even predict future weather conditions using the barometric pressure trends recorded over the preceding 24 hours. The forecast is displayed on the system's screen in an icon style and the barometric pressure trend is displayed as a graph so you can see at a glance how fast the pressure is rising or falling.The system is supplied with all mounting hardware and requires 7 x AA batteries available separately.  XC0293
  Weather Station Wireless Sensors & Computer Interface $199
  Incorporating wireless technology this weather station will monitor up to 10 key weather parameters. The outdoor sensors are simple to install and will transmit up to 60 metres to the indoor receiver which displays the data. The receiver has full clock and calendar features and will display wind direction, wind chill factor, wind speed, barometric pressure and trend over the last 24 hours. It also displays rainfall, indoor and outdoor temperatures with min/max alarm, relative humidity and will forecast the weather based on a 72 hour trend. The receiver unit can be wall or desk mounted and is supplied with USB interface (software included) to allow you to store the data on your computer. XC0330