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  Phoenix Gateway V5

Cash or Accrual Accounting

Notify Suppliers of payments you have just made via Email or Fax
Quick & Simple Setup Wizard Quickly & Easily produce a GST Return at the end of the GST period
Simple & Automated Data Entry Backup and Restore your data to a variety of media types as well as directly to email
Enterprise Management Simple Write-Off function to remove those unpresented cheques
Schedule Transactions
Convenient search utilities throught the program
Record Transactions directly from your Downloaded Bank Statement Archive Utility
Debtors & Creditors including Tax Invoice Creation Easy Examination of Records via convenient Reporting
Recipient Created Tax Invoices User Definable Reporting including Drill Downs
Customisable Invoice & Statement Layouts
Report on any period within your data
Automatically Generate a Payments List from the Current Supplier Balance
Integrated Cashflow Budgeting
Integrated Asset & Liability Accounts Production Planning
Integrated Livestock & Commodity Accounts Ability to integrate with the more powerful Phoenix Power Budgets
Automatically calculate Fuel Tax Credit Claims Ability to Integrate with Phoenix Production
Record Notes & even images against transactions
Ability to Integrate with the e-PayDay Suite of Payroll programs
Email Reports, Invoices and Statements directly from Phoenix
Loans & Tax Advantage Assessments
No need to `Roll Over` at the end of the Financial Year
Free Live Updates
Generate Electronic Funds Transfer from within Phoenix 12 Months Free Support
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  Phoenix Farm
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Cost/Income Analysis Reports

Gross Margin Calculation Reports

Enterprise Evaluation Reports

Trading Analysis & Summary Reports

Seasonal Profitability Reports

Quantities of Cost Items

Produce Sale Quantities Reports

Profitability Analysis Reports including Earning Capacity & Financial Stability

Value of Crops Grazed

Livestock Trading Accounts

Do I use more herbicide than the average farmer in my area?

How does my fuel consumption and fertiliser costs stack up against the top producers?

Are the yields and sale prices comparable to the regional average?

This comparison may indicate that a 10% increase in a particular production cost could result in an 18% increase in yield.

My yields are on a par with others in the area but my gross margin is 14% below average! Why?

Are my lambing and calving percentages in line with the expectations?

In this area what breed has the highest weight gain on oats and what is the optimum live weight to turn them off?

This can give you a new insight into how to make the most of every cent you spend on crop or livestock production.


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Bank Accounts, Loan Accounts, Stock Firm Accounts. Credit Cards. Electronic Funds Transfer (Electronic Banking). Standard Cash Flow Budgeting. A Fully Reconciled Financial Management System. Super Flexible Reporting & Profit Analysis. GST Management for Cash Accounting System

  Phoenix Power Budgets Module

Plan production and cash flow independently for each enterprise. Multiple enterprise budget sheets can be viewed simultaneously. Each enterprise worksheet automatically updates the main budget. The main budget remains visible as it is automatically updated. Plan and edit yields, number of head, market prices, variable costs etc and update at any time.Save time when budgeting with enterprise worksheets. Share enterprise worksheets between other budgets. Compare various enterprise worksheets. Compare Budget to Actual figures.

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