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Reversing Cameras/GPS/NAVIGATION

RESPONSE Wireless 3.5" Reversing Camera $199

Reversing cameras can be tricky to install, especially running video and other cables under the dash to the display unit. Like a GPS, the LCD on this unit plugs straight into your car's cigarette lighter socket and receives video via 2.4GHz wireless from the reversing camera. The camera can be mounted internally to fire through the rear window or externally on the number plate or bumper. Transmission range is up to 80m, so is suitable for very large motorhomes, trucks or caravans. QM-3796

RESPONSE Wireless 3.5" Reversing Camera Dual Channel $229

Parking your car with trailer or caravan could not be easier with these reversing cameras. The cameras can be mounted externally on the number plate of the vehicle or trailer and just need to be wired to the reverse lights. Each camera transmits wirelessly to the 3.5" colour monitor which mounts to the windscreen using a suction cup and plugs into the cigarette lighter socket for power. The 2.4GHz transmission provides a range of up to 80m making it suitable for a wide range of vehicle and trailer combinations including very large motor homes, trucks and caravans. QM3797

RESPONSE Wireless 4.3" Reversing Camera $229

A robust, easy to install digital wireless reversing camera kit to give you a clearer view of your vehicles rear end. Since it is a wireless system it greatly minimises the need for cabling. The 4.3" LCD can be suction mounted to your windscreen and is directly powered from the cigarette lighter socket. The rear camera has a mounting plate with 3m adhesive backing for hassle free and secure attachment to your vehicle. Since reversing at night is potentially the most dangerous, the camera has been fitted with 6 x IR LEDs which allow clear nightvision. A great solution for protecting your car and those behind you. QM3852

RESPONSE Reversing Camera $119

Utilising a CCD sensor for better image quality and low light performance. This waterproof IP67 reversing camera will provide clear video stream to avoid any potential accidents when reversing. It is designed to mount flush on even surfaces. Supplied with a 6m wiring loom and a size specific hole saw drill bit for that clean and professional installation fitment. QC3534

RESPONSE Wireless 4.3" Reversing Camera $119

The camera housing is constructed using tough aluminium alloy and equipped with a black metal shield which helps deflect sun glare, rain and dust.  It is shock and vibration resistant and fitted with Infrared LEDs for night illumination. It is IP67 rated and suitable for heavy duty applications such as trucks, buses, RV's and caravans. QC-3536

Easy to use navigation zx, Portable, Fast route (re-)calculation. Quick GPS fix.